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Our Mission

The Azerbaijan Society of Radiologists is dedicated to advancing the field of radiology in Azerbaijan by fostering excellence and innovation in medical imaging and therapeutic interventions. Our mission is to support and empower radiologists through continuous education, research, and the promotion of the highest standards of patient care. We are committed to facilitating collaboration among professionals and advocating for the vital role of radiology in comprehensive healthcare.


Initiated in 2018 under the guidance of Yunus Afandiyev, the Azerbaijan Society of Radiologists has rapidly become an influential entity in the realm of medical imaging and radiology. After joining the European Society of Radiology (ESR) in 2020, the Society broadened its international connections and collaborative efforts. Notably, it holds joint meetings with Turkish, Canadian, and Russian radiological societies, promoting an international dialogue and exchange of expertise in the field. These collaborative efforts are a testament to the Society's dedication to incorporating global perspectives and practices to enrich radiology in Azerbaijan.

Our Team

Board of Directors
  • The Chairman: Yunus Afandiyev
  • The 1st Secretary: Malahat Sultanova
  • Executive Secretary: Suzan Vatanha
  • Secretary: Elshad Sadikhov
  • Coordinator: Leyla Musayeva
Honorary Members
  • Prof. Ahmet Memish
  • Prof. Soltan Manafov
  • Expert Commitee: Rasim Bayramov, Kamran Yagubov
  • Education Commitee: Leyla Gasimova, Arzu Nuriyeva
  • Research Commitee: Anar Kazimov, Elnur Mehdi
  • Interventional Commitee: Agakishi Yahyayev, Nijat Alishev
  • Ultrasound Commitee: Azer Faraj, Igor Sokolenko
  • CT & MRI Commitee: Aydin Mirzayev, Elshan Abdullayev
  • Regional Commitee: Ali Dadashov, Firdovsi Ismayilov, Ilham Karimov

Our Team

Get to Know Us

Board of Directors

Yunus Əfəndiyev

Yunus Efendiyev

The Chairman

Məlahət Sultanova

Malahat Sultanova

The 1st Secretary

Süzən Vətənxa

Suzan Vatanha

Executive Secretary

Elşad Sadıxov

Elshad Sadikhov


Leyla Musayeva

Leyla Musayeva


Honorary Members

Ahmet Memiş

Prof. Ahmet Memish

Soltan Manafov

Prof. Soltan Manafov


Expert Commitee

Rasim Bayramov

Rasim Bayramov

Kamran Yaqubov

Kamran Yagubov

Education Commitee

Leyla Qasımova

Leyla Gasimova

Arzu Nuriyeva

Arzu Nuriyeva

Research Commitee

Anar Kazımov

Anar Kazimov

Elnur Mehdi

Elnur Mehdi

Interventional Commitee

Agakishi Yahyayev

Agakishi Yahyayev

Nijat Alışev

Nijat Alishev

Ultrasound Commitee

Azər Fərəc

Azer Faraj

Iqor Sokolenko

Igor Sokolenko

CT & MRI Commitee

Aydin Mirzəyev

Aydin Mirzayev

Elşən Abdullayev

Elshan Abdullayev

Regional Commitee

Əli Dadaşov

Ali Dadashov

Firdovsi İsmayilov

Firdovsi Ismayilov

İlham Kərimov

Ilham Karimov