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III International Scientific and Practical Conference of Azerbaijani Radiologists

On October 28, 2023, the 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference of Azerbaijani Radiologists was held. Supported by "Bayer" and "Philips," the event was jointly organized by the Scientific-Experimental and Training Center of the State Customs Committee's Medical Service and the Central Customs Hospital.

The conference began with the national anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Opening remarks were given by the Deputy Head of the Medical Service Department of the State Customs Committee, Ph.D., Associate Professor Ismayil Afandiyev, the President of the Azerbaijan Society of Radiologists, Ph.D. Yunus Afandiyev, and a Member of Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mezahir Afandiyev, who shared their thoughts on the topic. The conference's significance in the year of Heydar Aliyev was especially noted.

Yunus Afandiyev, the President of the Azerbaijan Society of Radiologists, greeted the participants and introduced the guests from foreign countries, appreciating their role in the conference. Since its state registration in 2019, the Azerbaijan Society of Radiologists has organized three International Scientific and Practical Conferences. The Society joined the European Society of Radiology (ECR) in 2020. He highlighted the participation of the Society's members in European events, including the inclusion of three members in ECR committees and three in the list of ECR moderators. He also emphasized the first-time participation of members in the voting for the European Radiologists (ECR) directorate and president elections. He also mentioned the charitable mobile sessions and seminars organized for radiologists working in various regions of Azerbaijan and the importance of including other regions in these events. The Society has conducted these seminars in Qusar (2019), Lankaran (2021), Ganja (2022), Nakhchivan (2022), Salyan (2023), and GoyGol (2023), which were well received by local radiologists. Yunus Afandiyev concluded by wishing success for the conference's proceedings.

The conference consisted of two panels and was attended by 100 in-person and over 300 specialists online via the Zoom platform. Speakers such as Prof. Susan Vatanha, Prof. Ahmet Memiş (Turkey), Prof. Tarik Altonchi (England), Prof. Andrey Mishenko (Russia), Associate Professor Rasim Bayramov, Ph.D. Elshad Sadigov, Ph.D. Anar Kazimov, Ph.D. Aydin Mirzayev, Dr. Agakishi Yahyayev, Dr. Azer Farec, Dr. Nicat Alishev, Dr. Eldeniz Huseynov, Dr. Elnur Mehdi, and Dr. Lale Guluzade covered various radiological topics and answered questions during the conference. Professor Melahat Sultanova provided a brief overview of the conference dedicated to the memory of the late professor Bahadur Alekber oghlu Bakshiyev.

It is worth noting that the conference was accredited based on the "Rules for the Accreditation of Scientific and Educational Medical Events for Continuous Medical Education" by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan and was rated with 8 CME points.

The Azerbaijan Society of Radiologists, led by Yunus Afandiyev, expresses its deep gratitude to the conference organizers, guests, speakers, attendees, and technical staff.

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